Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where to Sirs?

We all know mothers wear many hats.  Some of us will even hit the ripe old age of 50+ and get that really special red hat. You know the one….  
Here in Poland I have more or less the same hats as I did in America the Beautiful. Oh how I love that song..... OK so back to hats and driving. One hat in particular has taken over my life…that is my tiresome Chauffer hat!!  When we joyfully relocated, I took on the role of personal driver for Manly and Ricky-Bobby.  You would think with a name like Ricky-Bobby he would want, and enjoy, being the chauffeur!   While that would allow me to stay in bed a little longer, Ricky-Bobby’s directional sense is nonexistent! And I won’t even tell you about when he crashed the car. (He told me not to write about it, so this is me not writing about him crashing the car)

So, I shorten my beauty sleep to drive my boys!
For your reading pleasure I have created..........

My Top Ten List on Polish Driving:
10.  Just Drive, Look Later!
9.    Pedestrian Crossing-HONK & HAMMER DOWN! Don’t worry about the two old ladies hand in hand; they’ll put a fire under it and move!

8.  Don’t use those pesky turning lights, keep people guessing. It helps keep everyone alert!
7.  Prozac Please!
6.  Big Ass Mercedes coming through!! EVERYONE MOVE and make way for Mr. and/or Mrs. Moneybags!
5.  Ride ass at all times. Even better to have your brights on! That will learn em’!
4.  Always cut people off!  Never mind that screeching and honking noise while they witness your awesome driving!

3.  Beware of the Letter “L”! Maybe I should put one on the car when Ricky-Bobby drives.

2. Speeding to the next traffic light and you hit 143 KM per hour (or for your Americans 89mph) you will either end up in the future or a Fiat !

1.   Speed Limit is 20mph when driving on the sidewalk!

If you’re not first, you’re last! (as Ricky-Bobby would say…)

P.S. When you do get pulled over, have cash!! The Policja only take Cash! Don’t ask!! (again I won’t tell you about the time Ricky-Bobby got pulled over by the lady cop, "What should I do with you Mr. Ricky-Bobby?")

P.S.S. For a nice view of the city:

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  1. to bad you can't make that trip in 2:38 seconds ..also i like tip number 10 the best ....


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