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Meet Annoula
Czesc that’s Hello in Polish.  I’m Annoula, A little over a year ago I left a job I loved to live the dream in Warsaw, Poland.   It was a wonderful opportunity for my husband, whom I will call Nash and our 3 year old daughter, whom I will call, Girly.  I now realize it was a minute of working mother fatigue that made me say “yes” to moving.

It is only a two year commitment.  No big deal…right? Everyone was excited for us, we would get to live in Europe, I would have more time with Girly and we would travel. I had visions of finding my inner artist and/or writer.  I would be the most amazing wife and mother.  I went to http://pinterest.com/ and created board after board of art projects to do with Girly, recipes to try, craft ideas, workouts, places I wanted to go and hell I even pinned how to homeschool your child.

A year into this “adventure” and all I have to say is WTF were we thinking?  Yes, I get to spend more time with Girly, we have traveled to six countries and we do live in Europe. However, I definitely underestimated a few things; it’s hard to leave your family and friends, going from working mom to stay at home mom is not easy and finding your way in a different country is a daily challenge. 

As you can guess, I do not home school Girly she now goes to a Polish/English school and I can’t find most of the ingredients for the recipes or the supplies for the crafts.  My adjustment to not working, coffee mornings, wives lunches and wine socials has made me even more bat shit crazy.

Seven months ago when we met Mandy and her husband at a wine social I felt like I had found my soul sister. (Insert music here) She understood and she got it.  There had to be more!  So after a few drinks at a Spa Girls Night Out our friend FunnySuz suggested I write a blog called the bored housewife and here we are two bored housewives.

I hope your enjoy our blog.  We will write often about our transition from spoiled Americans to expat wives.  Please write us back…you are our last lifeline. 

Meet Mandy
It was about a year and a half ago when I got the call. 
My husband, Ricky-Bobby, was at a race in Los Angeles with our eleven year old son, Manly. While they were sitting in “Carmaggedon” Ricky’s phone rang.  His boss called to see if he was ready; ready for the “opportunity of a lifetime”?!

I should preface that years before Ricky has always been asked if he would like to have a stint overseas.  He of course would mark yes, having grown up in Europe he knows many languages and thought “maybe” one day he would want to return to Europe. 

Now for my phone call….
When I answered the phone Ricky said he had big news! He was offered a promotion and the job was in Prague, Czech Republic!! How exciting and scary!!

After talking it over - we decided to go for it.  This would be a great chance for Manly to see the world where his father grew up. I was also about to graduate college (yeah! I know…) and the timing seemed perfect.  So we said sure, why not! Once we agreed, the plans changed, “Oh sorry but instead of Prague, you are heading to Warsaw, Poland”! We thought… well one and the same. 

When we arrived in Warsaw we were full of excitement and wonderment! (yeah! that’s a word) Our “honeymoon” of sightseeing and finding our way around town was short. It went downhill fast after that! The cold Polish winter set in and the worst sickness of all… Homesickness!

We never thought about everything that we would miss when we moved, we just kept thinking of the fun adventure we would have.  I had many opportunities to go out and meet new people, but I just wanted to stay at home and mope! Until a fun evening out when I had a chance to meet my “expat sista”!  Once I met Annoula, I thought I had finally found someone that gets what I’m going through!

And so our stories begin….


  1. U 2 seem like some pretty cool chicks !

  2. Hey Girls, I'm glad I found you! I can't believe they did a bait and switch on you, Mandy. Warsaw is nothing like Prague. Sigh.


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