One of the best things about being an expat in Poland is that you can travel around Europe easily.  In the last year we have visited 7 countries.  I know you are waiting for one of my funny ass rants on expat life in Poland but today I am writing about my life changing trip to Greece.

There are many sites to see in Greece, Mykonos, Parthenon, Santorini but after the long winter, we wanted something different. So, we picked the Island of Crete and a small village on a hill top.

Since I am Greek I've always wanted to explore Greek life in a village.  Well, for me this really was a trip of a lifetime.  I won't write about how the rental car broke down 4 days into our trip..which reminds me of the time when our Croatia rental car's bumper fell off (F#$@ me running is all I have to say) OK..back to my lovely Greece trip.

Kastellos is a traditional village close to Georgioupolis, and about 30 miles from Chania with views of the sea and mountains.  We stayed in a village house that had been restored by Manos.  His family lived there years ago.  You can check it out here:

The village was the perfect location to explore the island.  Lake Kournas was remarkable as were the towns of Georgiopolis, Rethymno, and many more little villages.

We arrived late evening so Manos sent us to the only tavern in the town.  Maria's is a small house at the end of the hill.  We arrived to see a few people sitting around drinking some Greek wine and eating a home cooked meal.  The people in the village are family, or like family, and we ended up spending all of our evenings enjoying wine and amazing food with them.  Maria's 10 year old daughter became Girly's bestest friend in about 5 minutes.  Only on man was able to talk w/us in English, so I used my phone to translate and it worked like a charm!

By the 2nd day she invited me to cook with her, and I spent several evenings learning to cook traditional Greek food.  Her husband, Andreous, was so welcoming.  One night we ate with the village to celebrate the shearing of the sheep.  Another night they invted us to a big Greek family meal.

Every place we went, from the village to a a store in town, people were amazing and Girly would be given gifts.  I am reminded that it's the simple things that make life happy.  Our last night in the village Maria's family told us they hoped we would come back and I shared our thanks for their kindness and food from the heart.  They really have something very special in this village.  Their faces lit up with joy as this was translated to them.

I have learned many lessons as an Expat this past year, but non as great as last week's lesson.  food is best when cooked from the heart.  Family, and friends like family, bring much joy and the simple things are real treasures.

If you ever get the chance to travel to Greece, this village is a MUST SEE!  From my heart to yours!


  1. Oh my, what an experience for you and Girly! <3 it! I grew up a military brat and I remember my many lives in different countries with different cultures and I hope to one day have our Bea experience all of that too.

  2. Thanks for your comments! It really was a wonderful trip and it's fun to see Girly have these experiences.


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