Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday Boycott!

A few days ago I received an email birthday invitation. The mom wrote this in the email:

"Returning things in Poland can be so difficult so David has requested Empik gift cards for his present.  He has been saving up for something special and your gifts will go toward this purchase."

My first thought was "I'll just run out and buy the gift card no fuss, no trying to figure out what the kid would like, no gift bag.....easy, easy easy!"  Well, it seems other parents didn't see it the same way.  Let the DRAMA begin.....

I get a phone call on Monday from another mom that goes like this:
"Did you get Judy's email about David's party"
"What do you think?"
"I think we will make it"

She continues to tell me, she and other parents are upset with the gift request. It's rude to tell us what to buy David for his birthday and what's with the part about returning things? Does she return gifts we give her sons?" I listened for a few more minutes until she told me this "the other parents are thinking of not going to the party" 

FOR real?  The mom was an ass so in return we should ruin this kid's 6th birthday? F@#$ me running!

My response was "Girly, will be there as she likes David and wants to share his birthday with him.  The gift card made it easy on me and we are not going to take Judy's stupidity out on him" 

I've had this same conversation with 2 other parents and all seem to think I am going too easy on Judy.  Frankly, I just don't care enough to take a stand. 

One Polish dad stopped me the other day to ask me if I had heard of the reaction to Judy's email. "Sure have" I said in a WTF tone to which he looked at me smiled and said in his best English "What the F@#$!"  I laughed and said, "See you Sunday!"

Is it just me or is this just not that BIG of a deal? What are you thoughts?

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  1. heck thats easy , buy the kid a card and go have fun, more food an drink if the others don't show it's a win win ................


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