Sunday, April 21, 2013

30 Days To Happiness

If you’ve read the about us section, you know we are newly expat wives trying to adjust to our new life.  I can honestly say it has not gone so well for me.  There have been moments of excitement, adventure, and joy but for the most part I have focused on missing my family, my friends, my career, and my country.

I have pretty much looked and said this most of my days since we moved!
I wrote about how I envisioned my “new” life would be and all the dreams I had of using this time, but I’ve done nothing to get them started.  Here we are a little over a year into this move, and I am sick of being homesick.  It’s time for me to cowboy up, and figure out my “new” life.  Time to find happier days!

I’ve read that it take 30 days to form a new habit.  So, I am going to make a plan, say it out loud (to you) and take action.  I’m asking you to help me with encouragement and honesty. 

I am listing 3 new habits I want to form in 30 days.  Since May is right around the corner, let’s start May 1st! I will facebook and blog updates and if you could check in on me to see how I am doing I would greatly appreciate the support.  This is a big step I am taking and putting out to the universe. 

Here they are:
Since I don’t have a job, and Girly doesn’t have to be to school until 9:00 I tend to sleep late.  I miss having my morning coffee, seeing Nash off to work, and getting a jump on the day.
New Habit 1:  Get out of bed early 6:30 am, see Nash off, and enjoy my morning coffee. Maybe I’ll even get a load of laundry done…to much?

I really do love to cook and bake, but I gave up any hope here since the grocery stores in Poland are a nightmare, finding the ingredients takes time, and figuring out how my oven works/cooks is impossible. I cook the same shit over and over, or we eat out a few times a week.
New Habit 2:  Try one new recipe a week and bake with Girly once a week.  Girly loves to bake and back home we did it all the time, but here I just gave up. 

Pre-Girly I ran about 20 miles a week and did yoga a few times a week.  I was so excited for this move as I would have more time to get back to running and yoga.  So far I ran a few times and yoga’d never.
New Habit 3:  Run/Walk 3x’s a week and yoga 1x a week.  Easy right?

I have another year to make the very most of my time here! I've got my plan, and I am ready to take off! Do any of you have new habits you would like to start?  If so, please share your stories with us! 

Get ready to give me a little of this!


  1. Those seem like reasonable new habits to get into place. I would struggle with the 6:30am daily wake up though!

  2. I say the heck with it , what you got one more year ?? then you'll be back in the land of honey an milk ,

    1. Nice Mike! Get your ass over her so you can run and yoga w/ me!


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